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I tried this and everyone liked them. (Also a little tip is you can use croissant pastry to make this I did)

Sling Heel Knitted Slipper - free vintage pattern

Outlook.com – leena.pihlaja@windowslive.com

Home Slippers – DIY #häkeln #stricken #DIY

Home Slippers – DIY #häkeln #stricken #DIY

Inspiration for jumper or cardigan if cut down the middle?

Chicken Rice cake ته چین مرغ با زعفران T.Tavakoli.V

برنج قالبی

کلم پلو با گوشت قلقلی ( شیراز )

Reshteh polo: Persian Noodle Rice

رولت مرغ و اسفناج