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Food Bloggers for Volkswagen

Volkswagen teams up with selected food bloggers to provide you with the best recipes for packed lunches and snacks that are perfect for road trips, as well as Volkswagen inspired cookies and cakes. Enjoy exploring the board and give these great recipes a try!
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Chewy Trail Mix Oatmeal Cookies

Every adventurer needs to stop sometimes to refuel. These quick and easy trail mix oatmeal cookies are a great source of energy, the perfect fuel for adventures, plus they taste fantastic and the kids love them! Check out the ‘Food Bloggers for Volkswagen’ board for more creative travel themed recipe ideas.

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Super Quick Puff Pastry Veggie Tarts

Those puff pastry tarts make great midweek meal that all family will love. They are super quick and easy to prepare and packed with healthy veggies as well! For more car themed recipes, take a look at Food Bloggers for Volkswagen board:

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Spinach and feta savoury muffins

Spanakopita {spinach and feta} muffins are the perfect portable snack. Visit the collaborative board "Food Bloggers for Volkswagen" for more inspiring recipes and ideas.

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Zimtschnecken-Brot – Cinnamon Roll Bread

Zimtschnecken-Brot – Cinnamon Roll Bread: A fluffy and sweet cinnamon roll bread is a great snack to take on a road trip. Bake your cinnamon rolls into one big loaf full of great flavour. Do you want to see even more great road trip recipes? Well, just check out the great group board by Volkswagen which features ideas from several bloggers. Let’s make sure our road trips are delicious.

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Chocolate Spice Christmas Cookies with Candied Lemon Peel

Get ready for the Christmas season and bake a batch of fragrant Chocolate Spice Cookies. Join the Food Bloggers for Volkswagen board on Pinterest for more delicious inspiration from great food bloggers.

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Blueberry Hand Pies

No matter if you are at home, out in the park, traveling with the train or by car - carrying a little snack with you is always a good idea. On the collaborative board "Food Bloggers for Volkswagen" ( you can find my recipe for delicious blueberry hand pies and many more inspiring ideas and recipes.

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Werbung Selbstgemachte Müsliriegel mit Amaranth und Cashew-Nüssen – perfekter Snack für Autofahrten! [Post sponsored by Volkswagen]

Recipe for easy homemade cereal bars with amaranth and cashew nuts. A great snack for long trips and one of five travel recipes I created for Volkswagen! Rezept für einfache, selbstgemachte Müsliriegel mit Amaranth und Cashew-Nüssen. Ein prima Snack für lange Autofahrten und eines von fünf Reiseproviant-Rezepten, die ich für Volkswagen entwickelt habe!

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Unterwegs mit VW: Zwiebelkuchen-Muffins / Onion tart muffins {Werbung: this post is sponsored by Volkswagen}

These onion quiche muffins are the perfect snack on the road. If you´re looking for more delicious travel & snack recipes, make sure to check out the collaborative board “Bloggers for Volkswagen":

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My Maltese Winter Sandwich: Pomegranate Chicken, Red Coleslaw & Bacon

Brighten up a winter's day with a colourful sandwich packed with vibrant flavours. Join the Food Bloggers for Volkswagen board on Pinterest for more delicious inspiration from great food bloggers.

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Lustige Bento Box-Ideen für Kinder für lange Autofahrten // Bento box ideas for kids for long car trips

Long car trips are boring for kids. Why not make a fun and healthy bento box to keep them busy? Find all the ideas here and more on the collaborative board "Food Bloggers for Vokswagen" (

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