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Multiple Sclerosis QUICK FACTS #ms #multiplesclerosis #msawareness

Psychologische Tricks - Für den Alltag Teil 1

Now my family will definitely line up.

You take your multiple sclerosis (MS) seriously, but sometimes you just have to…

Why stress and multiple sclerosis (#MS) go together: Read more at http://www.healthcentral.com/multiple-sclerosis/c/19065/167422/identifying-ms/?ap=2012

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The Healing Abilities of Trees

Body Functions & Autonomic Nervous System.

Office workers and anybody who tends to sit a lot will find these exercises very helpful in alleviating problems and symptoms associated with prolonged sitting. If you are diagnosed with a spinal or back injury, consult with your doctor if these exercises are suitable for you. The series so far: Exercise #1: Cat-Cow Exercise #2: Back Extension …