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Which trends will characterize the customer needs of tomorrow? What is a big idea? How can it become a good product or service? Which is the correct business model? How can this novelty be conveyed to the customer?
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Simulation eines möglichen Zerfalls des Higgs-Bosons: Die Wahrscheinlichkeit,...


Innovation Workshops: A shared strategic understanding is essential in order to be innovative.


New digital technologies and changed reception, consumption and communication behavior are at the same time both an opportunity and a challenge for your existing business.


Kollision von Protonen (Grafik): Die Forscher am LHC-Beschleuniger haben ein...


Scouting Days: We take you to places where trends are visible for the first time.

Supercluster-System Abell 222/223 mit Filament: Nach gängiger Meinung...

Open Innovation: By opening the innovation process your company can become even more successful.

Innovative Business Models: We develop sound and innovative business models for our customers and partners and their corresponding business plans.

Trend Reports/Future Insights: Forecasting trends is not enough – it is essential to seize the possibilities for innovation which arise from these trends.

Inkubation: Together with our clients we develop new business segments, found start-ups and spin-offs, and support these projects.