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The Jihadist in Our Family

Why would Mohd Lotfi Ariffin leave his wife and children behind in Malaysia in search of martyrdom in Syria?

Interview Jihad Niger issoufou

<p>This CNN video and story explores Abubakar Shekau, who took control of the group after Yusuf's death in 2009. Shekau is an intensely private bookish theologian and ruthless killer. It was reported in August 2013 that Shekau had been shot and deposed by members of his sect, but he survived. He had been described as "the most dreaded and wanted" Boko Haram leader and the United States had recently offered a $7 million bounty for information leading to his arrest. He has taken responsibility…

Boko Haram, the terrorist group that wants Sharia law in northern Nigeria, has murdered thousands and drawn global condemnation for kidnapping 300 schoolgirls to sell into slavery. This board explores Boko Haram's beliefs and aspirations.

<p>In this 2009 BBC interview, Mohammed Yusuf, then leader of the group, stated his belief that the fact of a spherical Earth is contrary to Islamic teaching and should be rejected, along with Darwinian evolution and the fact of rain originating from water evaporated by the sun.</p>

<p>Dr Ahmad Murtada of the Islamic Studies Department, University of Bayero, Kano has noted in his research into Mohammed Yusuf and Boko Haram that the core principles of the group are: an emphasis on 'Hakimiyyah' (sovereignty to God's law)

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