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Alleskönner Rucksack

Alleskönner Rucksack mit Schnittmuster und Anleitung: http://waehnerk.net/2015/07/30/alleskonner-rucksack/ Mehr

DIY hanging wall lamp from ikea shelf holders & hemtex ceiling lamps.

Gallery of Woody15 / Marianne Borge - 10

Woody15 / Marianne Borge

kariloen: Birthday card with bird from Hama beads

Mini cupcakes in Hama Beads to use on hairclips or for a brooch

DIY: Toddler Art Dishware

How to make a scribble bowl with a kid's drawing for Mother's Day

Plant a compact vegetable garden. This is perfect when you don't have a lot of space. #garden #coolideas #diy

DIY Covered Greenhouse Garden

A round-up of DIY garden markers made from materials you can find around your house and outside! (photo via noJOisaverage)

Muster mit schöner Farbkombination