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Trend Watch: Hygge

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The Danish Art of Hygge - Pronounced 'hoo-ga', is synonymous with spending time with loved ones, enjoying food and drink together, and snuggling by the fire with a faux fur blanket. An essential part of Danish living, hygge has found its way into interior design across the world. Find out how to make your home more hygge-friendly now:

According to the European Candle Association, people from Denmark burn more candles per head than anywhere else in Europe. This means that your Danish-inspired hygge kitchen calls for an infusion of candles and twinkling fairylights, creating a kitchen style that will see you through the chilly winter season.

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Rustic elements are ideal for hygge-inspired kitchens. Try some characterful oak worktops and a matching chopping board, and combine with some distressed wood accessories. This mix of textures really adds heart to kitchens and creates a wholesome ambiance for your home. Discover more about the Danish art of hygge:

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Hygge style is not just for Christmas, though Autumn and Winter are the perfect times to embrace this concept to full effect. Hygge is concept associated with cosiness and merry gatherings with loved ones - it's not just a style, it's a way of life! Find out more on the blog:

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Recreate this gorgeous hygge kitchen with iroko worktops and cabinets painted in Farrow & Ball's All White. Add black pendant lamps, candles and a white-painted dining set to complete the look!

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Dining together is an intrinsic part of the Danish concept of hygge, therefore it is important to create a cosy and comfortable dining area, using a variety of textures. For a similar look, try a full stave oak worktop with table legs, for a practical and characterful eating space. Discover more about the Danish art of hygge:

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If you are kitting our your seating area in a wholesome hygge kitchen, faux fur throws are ideal! Snuggle up with a mug of hot chocolate, for pure cosy kitchen bliss. This kitchen pairs white walls and furniture for a truly Scandinavian feel, and the throw used is in fact an Icelandic sheepskin rug. Recreate this look with oak cabinet doors painted in Farrow & Ball's All White.

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This beautiful hygge kitchen is ideal for a cosy family gathering. Opt for cabinet doors, calls and beams painted in Farrow & Ball's House White, and pair with solid wood work surfaces to create a real sense of warmth. Decorate with hanging pendant lamps and potted plants for a variety of texture, and enhance mood lighting with candles. Learn more on the blog:

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Snuggle up in a cosy window seat and embrace the Danish art of hygge. A ritual of enjoying life's little pleasures, hygge means curling up by the fire on a winter's night, enjoying a delicious dinner and spending time with loved ones. Natural materials are ideal for hygge kitchens, so get in touch to discuss your wood worktops and oak cabinet requirements:

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