Sofie Van de Putte
Sofie Van de Putte
Sofie Van de Putte

Sofie Van de Putte

marketeer, passionate cook and mother of ferre. always looking for new experiences

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Harry Potter hand-knitted hat These hats represent Hogwarts house: _ Gryffindor: red and yellow _ Ravenclaw: blue and grey _ SLytherin: green and

Herfst confituur experiment

How to Improve Productivity - How about if we skip these meetings and start doing some work? [Comic] More office & social media humor @Susie Sun Salcido Conway

Sorry, but I don't have time for stupid today. I already have a full schedule of meetings with idiot, dumba@$ and tool.

Thank you for voicing that terrible idea and making this meeting last even longer.

death by meetings

100 Handgemacht,3 Wash,Scarf 3

Kaasfondue met pompoen en champagne

pompoen kaas fondue apero... need to try this one

Pistachio goji berry granola

pistachio goji berry granola / @loveandlemons