Nils Schierkolk

Nils Schierkolk

Hannover, Germany / One liner? people do not even snort coke in a one liner!
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PlayStation 4 „20th Anniversary-Edition“ gefällig? Das ist deine Chance!

Michael Caine 1964


Olga Gladysheva, Wild beauty

Cat & Fox. Do cats hunt foxes? because that cat is hunting that fox and that fox is running from that cat.

Duschende Katzen,Flur,Lustige Katzen,Nassen Kitty,Nassen Katzen,Kitty Mad,Katzen Groß,Witze,Lustige Zitate

Photograph by Tim Flach. A Puli, a Hungarian sheep-herding dog (name: Andy). The long corded coat is designed to protect the breed from the harsh winters of the Hungarian plain. Traditionally, the dogs were shaved along with the sheep they herded and, like their charges, grew their coats back before winter. The shot, designed to show the dynamic qualities of the coat, was made by getting the dog to run and jump towards its owner, with the camera between the owner’s legs.