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The Buoy is designed to be off-balance, like its namesake bobbing device, though not as extremely as a Pilates ball; the idea is that the microadjustments you're continually making with your body are not annoying enough to be a hassle, but adequate to burn some calories. Also unlike a Pilates ball, the Buoy is height-adjustable.

Flexible Seating in a First Grade Classroom!

DIY: Banden kussens, inclusief opslag

The Creative Colorful Classroom: Flexible Seating

Beautiful Classroom Design! Check out this student-friendly space with flexible seating, learning centers, and lots of options for collaborative and student-led learning. Tons of pictures in the post!

Flexible Seating made easy in the classroom. This post is filled with the most FAQ's and answers. It also comes with links to where she gets all of her flexible seating options! A must read for any teacher that is thinking about doing flexible seating in their classroom!

Primary Chalkboard: Alternative Seating Classroom

GENIUS!!!! nO MORE DIGGING AROUND IN THE OCEAN OF CRAYONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OT Tools for Public Schools: Where Is My Pencil???

Make some "Sensory Snakes" using cute knee high socks from Target and dried beans per his OT. Super cheap and easy. Pinned by The Sensory Spectrum, @Cindy Edson Spectrum,

Sensory Preference Fill In Worksheet