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World coins - Indian Rupee Silver coin issued by Muhammad Ali Shah, King of Awadh


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Napoleon I. 1804. Andrieu Bertrand. French medalist. Antoine Denis Chaudet. French. draft. silver embossed medallion.




A Paul Evans Suede and Stainless Steel Four Door Cabinet

Red Japanned cabinet on gilt stand.

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Roman Denarius, Plautilla (AD202).

Iron Age and Roman coins and artefacts

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Rare Silver Coin 1916 AD, 1335 AH Egyptian Twenty Piastres Sultan of Egypt Hussein Kamel

Seltene Silber,Silbermünzen,Ägyptisch-Banknote Note~~Pos=Headcomp,Ägyptischer Währung,Welt,Twenty Egyptian,Egyptian Piastres,1916 1335,Ad 1335

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Electrum coin. Reverse Greek 250BC (circa)

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1802 Sweden 1/4 SKILLING Early Coinage with Planchet Clip RARE!

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THRACIAN ISLANDS. Thasos. Ca. 500-480 BC. AR stater (19mm, 9.36 gm)

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Armenian King Zareh of Sophene 212 B.C. depiction of common Armenian insignia…

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Mariusz Kowalik

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Could these creepy coins prove that aliens lived among the ancient Egyptians?

This ancient coin seems to show the head and shoulders of an alien being

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