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Adore this. Sitting on the beach sharing the sunset with someone special.

Love is All I've Got- Crystal Fighters. I still absolutely love this song. LOVE. Brings back some awesome memories.

Stefan Biniak- Read all about it Such a deep song with similar hymn like sounds. It's one of those songs on the dance floor that you feel is hugging you. You don't have to dance, but simply listen, sway and absorb the warmth. It's good to know you're not alone. #deephousejunkie #feelslikehome

Ry Cuming- Always Remember Me (Vario Volinski remix) I adore this song. I feel like I'm in the sea, just floating- the faded voice due to the water surrounding my head. It's just so heart breakingly beautiful. People make such an impact on my life and I'm always afraid they'll forget me... I just feel connected to this song, and one day I'll find someone who doesn't forget me:)

Cyril Hahn- Say My Name. I'm obsessed with him, this song, just everything Cyril. It's the song I put on to calm me, reduce my crazy, dance like crazy, it's just beautiful. The harmonious almost hymn like sound is soothing with that underlying beat. I've had the pleasure of seeing him twice, and each time everyone flocked to the stage upon hearing the first bar. It's truly an amazing love song. Say my name.

Mr Probz- Waves (Robin Schulz remix) I love the raspy voice, the floating sounds and that beautiful deep beat:)