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XXL Dreieckstuch * Winterduo petrol/ braun `

XXL Dreieckstuch *Winterduo petrol/ braun * von FrauHerzig auf

XXL Dreieckstuch *Winterduo petrol/ braun *

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Cardigan Like a Bina Brianca Wrap is Must-have Womens Top

Find some lightweight, stretch fabric, and wrap away. Bina used a material that consists of Rayon – Jersey. (Bina sells her wraps ready-made $42.50? which is not that unreasonable either, particularly since the wrap comes with a booklet on how to wear the various styles.) Middle Panel: 3x hip width (not circumference); Side panels: 2 width of hips. Length shoulder to knee. Slits 14" wide

Bina Brianca Wrap Cardigan: Must-have Womens Fall Top

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