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Celtic knot tutorial. Could be used to create Baltic Rus/Norse wire accents for garb...

Flat button knot. I made these from some scrap very fine knit fabric, cut about 1 3/4 inches wide, folded like double-fold bias tape except folded over one more time and stitched together into a nice smooth "rope." They look beautiful. It took a little fussing, but I think the secret is to pull up your knot methodically from one end to the other, and keep things laying nicely. They look really good on my new jacket.

Diamond Knot - This decorative stopper knot can be used as the "button" closure for paracord bracelets.

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Sailor Knot Bracelet #rainbowloom

Knot work I received from a Facebook knot exchange group friend...

How to make beautiful Heart Knot step by step DIY instructions, How to, how to make, step by step, picture tutorials, diy instructions, craft, do it yourself

Como Tejer el punto de Salomon Punto Malla

Shopping net stitch - the youtube video is in Spanish but if you have the slightest background in crochet you should be able to pick this up easily! This would make a beautiful airy shawl or scarf....

Boy Scout knots. I'm so glad I found this. My old boss tried to teach me all of these, but i couldnt remember half of them. Now I have a cheat sheet!!!