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Amsterdam Here We Come

I may have wasted my wish on Disney but Augustus used his wish and shared my dream of going to Amsterdam and meeting Peter Van Houten! They prospered leaving May third and returning May seventh.
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Amsterdam(11.157)"The Filosoof was right next to the Vondelpark, Amsterdam's most famous park." Hazel's mom wanted to visit Vondelpark while Augustus and Hazel went to see Peter Van Houten.


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(11.162)"On one side of us, cyclists pedaled past." As Gus and Hazel eat at the restaurant they enjoy the view and enjoy the people riding their bikes.


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Amsterdam Trams(11.161)"The blue-and-white tram arrived, and Augustus handed our cards to the driver, who explained that we needed to wave them at this circular sensor." They rode the blue and white trams to the restaurant.


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Amsterdam(11.162)"And on the other side, the canal was water was choked with millions of the confetti seeds." At the restaurant they admired the the view of the canal.

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Anne Frank House-(12.198)"Soon I was staring at the famous bookcase that had hid Anne Frank, her family, and four others. Hazel and Augustus had their first kiss in the Anne Frank House and shared many things.

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