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I just made a stencil for a Polarbear T-shirt! :) #shirt #design #handmade


Polarbear coming soon to #Android, #BlackBerry, #Windows & #Mac!


Post to Facebook, Facebook Pages, Tumblr, Blogger, Ifttt, Twitter, LinkedIn and at once!

If you're a member of multiple social networks, you know how handy it would be to have one app that will post to any or all of them at once. I'm participating in the beta test for Polarbear, which can do just that. If you want to give this one a try (it's free) all you need to do is join the Polarbear beta community on Google+ through the link below.

Polarbear arrives in BlackBerry World!

WOW! Polarbear is a featured app in BlackBerry World! :) #app #socialmedia

Polarbear lets you post messages to Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIn and at once! Get a beta invite! #app #productivity

Polarbear got a countdown! #Android #BlackBerry10 #SocialMedia #SocialNetworking #App

I just finished the Polarbear #app debugging session. Posting to Twitter, Facebook, FacebookPages, Blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIn and AppNet at once is working like a charm! :)

Polarbear is part of the BlackBerry 10 system-wide share menu! Get a beta invite: #BlackBerry10 #BlackBerry #Z10 #Q10 #Q5