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I know I think it's creepy. I think it's so beautiful. Touched by how the artist can give a macabre skeletion as sweet, timidly curious face. Beatiful.

art | The Rogalist underlines this! More like this piece of important message via Art is to come... hopefully! Rogalist Carlo @Carlo M.rogall

((Jump in))I sat there home alone watching the TV and chewed my gum.I stared relentlessly at the screen my eye's getting blurry until it glitched.My heat skipped a beat.I at there motionless when just at that moment a hand rose...

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Gewerkschaft der Polizei verurteilt Angriffe von "Horror-Clowns"

Gewerkschaft der #Polizei verurteilt Angriffe von "#HorrorClowns"

O_o Dying Calek? IDK man. *files away for later*

(Open RP for a few people) I poked my eye out to be beautiful. Do you notice me yet? (Insanity RP) (I'll be logging off, message me and we can start tomorrow)