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Erkunde Stackhouse Romane, Bücher und noch mehr!

This is the best vampire book I have ever read - seriously - hands down - written like a Dan Brown book - fictional murder - then going through history of Vlad the impailer - you cannot put it down!

great 'Southern' Novel...Suspense to die for...

5. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - 7 Books to Read before You Die ... → Books

Mansfield Park...finally finished - it takes a lot longer to finish a book when I'm working!

The Adventures of Abraham Lincoln's Corpse

Abraham Lincoln was one of the most celebrated and mysterious presidents in the in U.S. (maybe this is why he made such an excellent vampire hunter.) His assassination sent a nation into mourning, and was followed by a two week funeral tour by train car. But Lincoln's body did not find rest at the end of this procession. Everyone from thieves to politicians tried to take control of the corpse — even decades after it was finally buried.

REVIEW: Dead In The Family (Southern Vampire Mysteries #10) by Charlaine Harris

Mummy Told Me Not to Tell: The true story of a troubled boy with a dark secret: Cathy Glass: Books

Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith by Jody Picoult; awesome read.

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