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Chocolate Bread Stick Cigarettes - Mad Men Party - Projects Cakegirls

Keep your beverage dispenser flowing by lining glass pebbles along the bottom. It prevents fruit bits and pulp from clogging the spigot and also raises the beverage level so you don't need to tip to get the last drink out. Also, if you put the pebbles in the freezer first, they'll help keep the beverage cold. Genius!! ❊

For Tea Time - Sugar "Cubes"... Mix granulated sugar mixed with a little water so that it becomes sticky while, but not dissolved. Mix well. Add food color one drop at a time into the sugar and continue stirring until the desired color is created. (The color becomes brighter aa it dries.) Press firmly into a silicon mold filling half way so that the "cubes" will not be too large. Allow to dry overnight. Cool!

Stylish Black and White 40th Birthday Party with Such Great Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas

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Rüblikuchen mit Frischkäsetopping {Rezept}


A Gentleman's Birthday || Frau Herzblut

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1960s Rat Pack Fedora Hat by Schiaparelli Mad Men Style Size 6 3/4 Small

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