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Fire hose from a copper alloy, c. 1500, Materials: Copper alloy, cast, lathed wood, notched; Dimensions: L 67.1 cm with inserted pistons, piston ausgezogenem L. 108.2 cm; L. without piston (syringe barrel) 57.5 cm, 7.4 cm diam syringe body back, top 7.4 cm diam

Case for an orb (sheath of leather), 1457 or 1497, material: wood core, covered with schnittverziertem and tooled leather, lined in red leather and red paper; Dimensions: H. 28.5 cm; diam 11.0 cm

Viking fire steel Firesteel of copper alloy and iron from 1050-1150, from Gotland, Sweden. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

AN ETRUSCAN BRONZE FIRE-RAKE Circa 7th-6th Century B.C. The deeply fluted handle terminating in a stylized human hand bent acutely at the knuckles, the elongated fingers with incised nails 9 5/16 in. (23.6 cm) tall

A grinding pot painters' guild (tin pot), producer Hans Grofe, c 1500, Wroclaw, material: tin, cast, chased, engraved, Dimensions: H. 54 cm

Extremely Rare Viking 'Odin and Ravens' Firesteel Copper-alloy, 38.42 grams, 60.98 mm. Circa 9th-10th century AD. Reference: cf Hammond, B. British Artefacts vol.2 - Middle Saxon & Viking, Witham, 2010 item 1.16-f.

Fragment of a Crucifixion with St. Sebald Chorbehanges from group, c. 1500, Materials / Techniques: Knitting, Warp: wool dyed, weft: wool, silk, multiple colors, metallic thread, silver color, the left and bottom Originalbordüre, this split before 1920 along and added half-width on the right and at the top, verge renewed tape originally at the foot of King David, warp density 6-8 fibers / cm, Dimensions: H 254 cm, 202 cm B.

Fire steel. Iron. A common type of fire steel, used to strike a stone to create sparks when making fire. Grave find, Vallstena, Vallstenarum, Gotland, Sweden. SHM 6085

Grave the family carpets Holzschuher with Holy Mass of Pope Gregory, 1495, Brussels, Materials / Techniques: Knitting, Warp: wool dyed, weft: wool, silk, multiple colors, margins renewed from blue wool, warp density 6-8 fibers / cm Dimensions: H 296 cm, 247 cm B.