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Natürliches Antibiotikum – Selbst hergestellt

Antibiotika schaden der Gesundheit

Stilldemenz - Gibt es das wirklich? -

~Brazil Nuts, contains selenium. A couple a day should be very healthy. It fortifies the Immune system and it's also important for women as a protective against breast cancer. Dr. Ralph Moss presented studies showing that “The higher the selenium, the lower the [rates of] breast cancer.~


The prevention of breast cancer is crucial to all women around the world. Be breast aware!!! Forever Aloe shield contains no harsh aluminium salts. New Study Reveals How Aluminium Promotes Cancer Growth We are all exposed to a range of cancer causing chemicals and substances unwillingly every day. One substance that could be causing you considerable harm and health problems is aluminium.

Aunties Project by Aleah Chapin

Aunties Project by Aleah Chapin |

Onkologie - Europa: Eklatante Unterschiede bei Krebstherapie -

Käthe Kollwitz - Nachdenkende Frau (reflecting woman)

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