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Erkunde Kunzea, Oil Profiles und noch mehr!

I am having fun learning more about this week's oil of the week! Kunzea seems to be a lesser known essential oil with some strong possibilities for healing power. Get an in depth profile when you sign up for the monthly newsletter at

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Essential oils to avoid on children under 2. For more information go to

Essential Oils to avoid with children ages 3 to 5. For more information go to

Weekly essential oil profiles- this week Cistus! Follow me on Facebook to learn more!

How much do you know about the pine essential oils? These are excellent for congestion type issues and they are safe for littles, unlike many eucalyptus varieties.

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How is it already Wednesday?? This oil is really interesting, the resin used only comes as a response to an infection of a type mold that takes over the tree. Before hand the wood does not have a resin, also this tree is critically endangered so coming across this essential oil gets even more difficult! Don't forget full profiles available monthly when you sign up for our newsletter

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