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Erkunde Fossilien, Fuels Movement und noch mehr!

How much fossil fuel has been used in your lifetime? | Environment | The Guardian

As environmentalist Bill McKibben lays out the case for divesting from coal, oil and gas companies in the Guardian, we examine some of the popular myths around fossil fuel divestment

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Karin Lindroth on

#divest #fossilfree #gofossilfree Matauri Bay, New Zealand. The big beach picnic-Kids against fossil fuels via @KarinLindroth

Jeremy Clarkson joins Guardian drive for fossil fuel divestment | Media | The Guardian

Keep fossil fuels in the ground to stop climate change | George Monbiot | Environment | The Guardian

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Peter Gleick on

For every liter of plastic bottled #water, 1/4 liter of fossil fuels are used. //

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350 dot org on

.@pontifex is not alone. People of faith everywhere are standing up to turn OFF the fossil fuel industry. #offandon

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350 East Asia on

Fight for your children's future— #divest from fossil fuels! #Philippines @350 @PMCJ_ph

Elon Musk: "We are running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe." #ActOnClimate #Divest Fossil Fuels #NowNotTomorrow #Climate