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Erkunde Undertale Schiffe und noch mehr!

Yuuri Katsuki -Alolan!Vulpix - younger sibling of Makkachin, same type as his recently deceased Vicchan. Yuuri named him Vicchan 2, or Nigou for short -Swinub - ice pig -Froslass - Very Japanese and feminine. She was a Snorunt until recently and Yuuri got screamed at by Yurio when they first met bc they had the same Pokemon on top of sharing a name. When Yuuri discovered how he wanted to interpret his Eros after choosing Victor’s old costume, his Snorunt also discovered a dawn stone in it

Yuri!!! On Ice (ユーリ!!! On ICE) - Yuri Plisetsky (ユーリ • プリセツキー) - as a coach when he's older!

And no I didn't draw the starry background, I stole it from some place, can't remember where nothings better than lying on the ground and feeling like garbage

Grillby, Muffet, and Toriel