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Erkunde Laktation Zimmer, Chef Sagte und noch mehr!

von The Huffington Post

Pink Is A Color. Blue Is A Color. Teach Your Kids. Please.

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One Thing: Toni Cade Bambara in the Speaking Everyday - The Feminist Wire | The Feminist Wire

Petition + great piece about the Bud Light "erase no" ad. " Bud Light can push out a deluge of “but you’re misunderstanding our intentions” press releases, but there is no room to beg off with ignorance. One need only begin to Google “how to get a girl drunk…” to spy the swaths of internet cluttered with DIY rape drinks and instructions on how to use alcohol to reduce a woman’s capacity to consent. They knew. They know. This campaign is a deliberate pandering to the rape culture that too…

This is awful. Who would make a product like this day and age? #MissRepresentation

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