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Erkunde Holzschnitt Von, 125 und noch mehr!

Double Bind - 125 x 31 cm (c) Holzschnitt von Susanne Haun

Ein Schwarm von Dämonen - Linolschnitt von Susanne Haun

Mit meinem Plan wird das planlose überzeichnet (c) Zeichnung von Susanne Haun

Der Druckstock mit gelber Farbe (c) Holzschnitte von Susanne Haun

Druck meiner Arbeit (c) Foto von Susanne Haun

Lines cutting in wood in size 50 x 38 cm requires power and a good cutter. I use only large plates for particleboard and also in the drawing, which will serve as a template, I look forward to don’t working too small. Particleboards are hard to cut.

The rhino itself isn’t unknown in the art world. Dürer’s Rhinoceros is very well known (see here). Dürer never seen personally a rhino. The name of the rhno was Odysseus and it was captured by soldiers in Goa, India. The printer Valentin Ferdinand sent a letter with sketches of the animal to Dürer. Dürer’s rhinoceros was highly reproducible because he make a woodcut from the drawing and so it was very quickly distribute in the world and was for centuries part of standard scientific works.

4-wasser-schwarz-blatt-4-c-linolschnitt-von-susanne-haun1.jpg (659×485)

Vintage Woodcut by Menachem Ron 1975 by HotCoolVintage on Etsy