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Erkunde Youtube, Floodlights und noch mehr! #smsaliexpress

:P #smsaliexpress

:D :D #smsaliexpress

Hey y'all! Here's my little video on how I do my little "knot" in my Carly's! It's SO easy!! #lularoe #lularoecarly #lularoehowto #smsaliexpress

Superleuke items binnen van Nikki Plessen #smsaliexpress

The Julia Dress always has, and always will be one of my very favorite Lularoe styles! #lularoe #lularoejulia #smsaliexpress

Oversized Perfect Tee is my favorite swim suit cover up! Here I'm wearing a 3XL, and it's super comfy and flowy!! Yes, please! #lularoe #lularoeperfectt #smsaliexpress

Absolutely loving my super comfy travel outfit today! Madison and Classic Tee! Pockets are basically an essential when it comes to travel, and The Madison Skirt is just perfect for the occasion! Obsessed!! #lularoe #lularoemadison #lularoeclassictee #smsaliexpress

Remember that time @lularoecharinafenton and I showed up in the same AMAZING Ana dress?!? So awesome! Styled 2 totally different ways! I really love how the Ana dress makes you look had to toe fabulous with such ease!!! #lularoe #lularoeana #smsaliexpress

Flashback Friday to convention a couple of weeks ago! Hanging out with 4 of my favorite people. That awesome polka-dot wearing boss in the middle is Patrick, the designer of all the amazing garments Lularoe producs! (Feel free to show him the love in the comments for America's new addiction: The Carly! ) Next to him is his GORGEOUS wife Irma.(Name ring a bell?? ) Those other two fools are my best friends Randy and Ryan! I'd like to point out that 3 out of the 5 of us have an item named after…