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Osvaldo Borsani. Stol model P31

Bar Car 1940/50 Alvar Aalto style.

stefano cipriani - White room - Canvas texture - Image #2

Various sketchbooks made between 2005 - 2010 by Craig Atkinson ✈, via Flickr

Osvaldo Borsani. Stol model P31

Armchair 1920/30er Jahre, France / Belgum

Andreas Schimanski : projektion

Giant Elephant: Weighing 40 tons and measuring 12 m high, this mechanical elephant, designed by François Delarozière, with hundreds of moving parts and pistons was largely made of reclaimed poplar together with steel and flapping leather ears, was operated by 22 manipulators and could carry 30 people. It was the star of the live theatre show, The Sultan's Elephant.