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The God Wotan (Odin) in a Plumed Helmet 1828 Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

Haithabu near Denmark. Re-creation of Viking Village

Huginn and Muninn, Odins Ravens - Caitlin Hackett

Wotan's horse, 'Sleipnir' - sculpture by Wolfgang Holzhauer (2005); Sleipnir is a large horse with eight legs, making him faster than any other horse; he was ridden by Wotan during the 'Twilight of the Gods,' the final battle of the gods and the giants and other monsters in German mythology; at Mythenweg Thale, Harz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany; photo from F1online

The engraving shows Sigrdrífa-Brynhildr bringing a drinking horn to Sigurðr. Volsunga Saga (ancient Norse mythology c.1000AD), is a bittersweet tale of romance, heroism, greed, betrayal and tragedy.