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Handball-WM: Deutschland schlägt Slowenien 30:27: Der Olympia-Traum lebt durch weiter

Starker deutscher Rückhalt: Silvio Heinevetter - Das dt. Team sichert sich durch einen 30:27-Erfolg über Slowenien den Quali-Platz f.d.olympischen Spiele! Well,who prayed lol+not for nothing today(luckily didnt work) watched the live-ticker+prayed too ;-D,co541,se15709,ro49215,md0,gm0,ma2313027,pe0,to0,te0,ho3412,aw3559,rl0,na4,nb2,nc1,nd1,ne1,jt0,

30:30 gegen Dänemark: Deutschland verschenkt den Sieg

30:30 gegen Dänemark! - WhoPrayed;-D that GER not lost+Hello,GER!!! #GER should be HAPPY to be draw with #DEN+not lost+in fact difficult to win,since #DEN always kind to me! If GER not recently kind too, then today surely lost vs DEN, guaranteed! Since nice(r) always won, good heart good luck, always! ;-D

Read more: Fender US$ 27.500.000,00 to Alex North and Hy Zaret for „Unchained Melody“. Strapline: Have you tried your luck today? Campaign for Fender, one of the most famous manufacturers of guitars and amplifiers. Tags: Ogilvy & Mather, São Paulo,Aricio Fortes,Silvio Medeiros,Marcio Fritzen,Paulo Coelho,Fender

By Yumiko Higuchi ♡♡♡

I absolutely love cuffs. Be it leather, gold, chain... but nothing can compare to the versatility of a pearl cuff with ornate diamond clasp. A timeless piece that is easy to wear and simply gorgeous.

Italian-American Mafia Today | TONY SOPRANO and Silvio Dante - See best of PHOTOS of THE SOPRANOS ...

Scott's Pizza Chronicles: A Brief History of the Pizza Slicer

A Brief History of the Pizza Slicer. From patents for a cigar trimmer in 1897 to the novelty pizza slicers of today. (many identical to a 120 year old wallpaper trimmer)

24/2/13 Police brutality in Milan, Italy, to stop three young women belonging to the group Femen, who have attempted to contest Silvio Berlusconi. 24/2/13 brutalità della polizia a Milano, Italia, per fermare tre giovani donne appartenenti al gruppo Femen, che hanno tentato di contestare Silvio Berlusconi.

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