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.: Herakleopolis Magna und die Suppentöpfe

.: Herakleopolis Magna und die Suppentöpfe

Ptolemaic mummiform figures representing the sons of Horus

Mumie basteln - super Idee zu Halloween! In 2 Wochen kommt schon Halloween und muss man langsam vorbereiten. Kleine Mumie - gute Idee für Wohndeko!

Temple of Edfu (معبد إدفو)

Horus. Egipto

Pharoah Akhenaten Limestone Bust . The Pharoah Akhenaten is said to have abolished the Egyptian Gods & the religion of the Egyptian people; when he died the priests had their revenge by cursing his spirit to wander the deserts for eternity .

Ancient Egyptian Art Print Goddess Bastet

Ancient Egyptian Goddess Bastet Art Print. $14.00, via Etsy.

Mummy of Ukhhotep, son of Hedjpu, Egypt, 1981–1802 B.C. Cartonnage, wood (ficus sycomorus), paint, linen, human remains, obsidian, gold, Egyptian alabaster

Statue of Prince Horemakhet (701-690 BC) - Son of King Shabaka and High Priest of Amun in Thebes during the reign of his father and his two successors. He is shown wearing the Egyptian garment but his face is typically Kushite. Nubia Museum, Aswan, Egypt