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Uhrensammlung Kellenberger - Archiv Ausstellung Detail

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Gun with needle attachment level Starck, Viktor (producer) Starck, Victor (Author) Dresden 1635, Mathematics-Physics Salon

Spherical Astrolabe, 1480-1481. The name "astrolabe" comes from the Greek word astro, meaning "star," and labio, "that which searches," so it could be translated as "star searcher."

Nocturnal celestial star dial pendant, Italy, 17th century.

Solar Clock in History of Science Museum - Galileo Museum - Florence

Astronomical compendium consisting of a box with three compartments. In the first, there is an astrolabe and a lunar calendar. Between the first and second compartment is an hour circle. The second compartment houses a sundial and a magnetic compass for orientation. The third compartment contains the Horae planetarum table and an horary quadrant with a shadow square. The markings are in German.

Armillary Sphere and Clock - Rosenborg Castle c.1572