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Does everything (I HATE MAPLESHADE SHE KILLED SPOTTEDLEAF THATS WHY sorry lovers) so true before you pin wright a comment in here!

(Warrior Cats | Starclan) These are the kits that fell from a gorge of Windclan. One day one of them would have been leader.

The sadness of the Clan cats by on @deviantART

OK. To me Leopardstar is a Winny little brat. But, if you like her I respect that.

Wow... You never realize how many Warrior Cats there are until they're drawn on one huge picture! And these aren't even half the characters....

Warrior Cats Jayfeather | warriors-warrior-cat-4622674-380-278.jpg

I think we can all take a word of advice on what love means from Ashfur. ----- There were originally going to more characters talking about the love of kits, their clan, parents, (So Squirrelflight...