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Thor Deleted Scene- Loki: Hello, Father. Laufey: Ah, the bastard son. I thought Odin had killed you. That's what I would have done. He's as weak as you are. Loki: No longer weak. I now rule Asgard, until Odin awakens. Perhaps you should not have so carelessly abandoned me. Laufey: Or perhaps it was the wisest choice I've ever made.

Quotable Avenger Posters

Avengers-Freaks aufgepasst: Laura Racero hat wirklich schöne Avengers Poster gestaltet. Mit dabei sind außerdem die besten Zitate des Films. In diesem Fall ist Iron Man mein absoluter Favorit! via.

Eh eh eh XD>>>>I would have said hot sexiness that I will devour

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Hahaha this!! And I repeat it... every single time.... totally in his accent. I just scared myself by how similar I sound saying it

Jeremy Renners really nailed the look