Erkunde Geflogen, Ins Büro und noch mehr!

Verwandte Themen durchstöbern

"Face to Face" Flyer sind gerade ins Büro geflogen VÖ für Ende Sep/Anfang Okt geplant. Freu derb! #TheDigitalGuide

i need this cup!!

Good morning and Happy Friday!

A thought on coffee "I hate when people make my coffee. You don't know how much milk I like, or how much sugar I take. You don't know my life. You don't know what I've been through."

"... oh, and I thought you said...."

I found this a little too funny

"Aww, looks like our sarcastic little ray of sunshine has arrived! Good morning Troy!" "Bite me, Luke."

Too Hip To Hop Print ~~ for her ;))

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