The 3D Spacer Textile Composites project investigated ways of instrumentalising local form-finding processes to differentiate continuous 3D textile glass fibre composite surfaces.

If you’ve been wracking your brain to figure out how artist Behnaz Farahi designed her recent 3D printed wearables project “Caress the Gaze,” you’ll be excited to hear that she has released an Instructables detailing how she created the piece using SMA actuators.

Sculptural Knitwear - chunky, structured knits with 3D texture detail; knitted couture // Dawid Tomaszewski

twitter dress from Huffington Post article

Крутые вещи, созданные при помощи 3D-принтера

Central Saint Martins grad and textile designer, Eunsuk Hur, conceived this amazing series of interchangeable modular system of textile pieces as a response to our temporal identities and constantly transformative human nature. Called the Nomadic Wonderland, each garment can be pieced together in numerous ways, giving the user freedom to design and manipulate into a variety outfits and interior accessories.

Tentoonstelling van de Nederlandse Mode ontwerpser Iris van Herpen in het Groninger Museum

Incredible Dress 3D Printed With The 3Doodler Pen by Fashion House SHIGO

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