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Following #NoSugarTODAY? Try Joy's tasty Piña Colada and Cherry Jam

Zuckrig, fettig, salzig – und unwiderstehlich. Kinder sind zu jung, um die Mechanismen der Werbung zu durchschauen. Die Lebensmittelhersteller nutzen das auf immer raffiniertere Weise aus.

How to Make Stevia Syrup

Stevia to sugar conversion chart, plus growing and preserving methods…

If your favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip, then you're in for a real treat. This version is as delicious as the real thing, but contains no added sugar. One 1/2-cup serving is less than 100 calories.

I'm all about helping kids learn to love their veggies, but sometimes "hiding" them in a treat they already love is the way to go. These refreshing pops take advantage of naturally sweet banana and berries to disguise the color and flavor of nutrient-packed spinach. The result: a yummy ice pop your kids (and adult friends!) will love.

You'll definitely scream for this ice cream. The dairy-free treat based on frozen bananas contains just five ingredients and is a lower-calorie (and healthier) alternative to store-bought brands.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this treat, which is completely free of added sugars. The only sugar is the naturally occuring kind from sweet potatoes. Bet you couldn't tell my version apart from regular chocolate pudding!

Your little guys (and you) will go bananas for this sweet and healthy treat. It’s the perfect use-up for bananas that are starting to get too ripe.