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I turned on the gas stovetop trying to reach the leftovers. Thankfully mom heard the clicking and smelled gas before we all exploded. (Then I ate her iPad.  Sorry, Mom.)

Bahaha! If Roscoe ran to greet me, I would be concerned. He goes for the leisurely "Oh, you're home, since you're over here, do you mind running my belly?"

...even after you've left him home alone all day.

von The Smoothe Store

"All You Need is Love and a Dachshund" Box Sign

Dachshund lovers know this statement to be all too true. I love waking up to this sign on my dresser and a little wet nose next time.

von Skreened

Be Silent | Racerback

Shaken, not stirred. Actually, I don't think he would appreciate either.