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And I see from the mirror that you think I'm a 'gup,' whatever that is...

Excerpt from Chapter 15 of Death under a Full Moon: Mrs. Cutter was sitting in a recliner with her left leg encased in a cast that extended from mid-thigh to her toes. “I’m Sheriff Wade Adams. I’d like to ask you a few questions.” “You’re in the wrong county aren’t you?” Wade smiled, “Yes ma’am.” “Well, have a seat. I’d offer you a glass of tea, but I don’t have any made. It takes me a while to get up and down with this contraption,” she said tapping her cast.

Funky Friday Fashion (31 photos)

I have a necklace that is kind of like this already...but you can't have too much of a good thing!

i actually just found tanks for $3 at wallmart (yes, wallmart) that I like the fit of. Adding a fancy neckline would bring them from workout wear to all occasion. <3

25 Classic Pin-Up Girls And The Photos That Inspired Them

Thyroid Pills: Wheeeeeee!!!! Love it when my pills kick in!

"My, God, that’s so lovely. And you sure you don’t know who this secret admirer is?" ”I wonder about that too, Ma’am. But one thing I sure, this letter is so special because it’s for a special someone too. You know, I notice it also smells like roses.” "Really?" "Yes, really. Close your eyes and smells it carefully." She chuckled. "I hope this one is none of your prank again, Mr. Overland." But she closed her eyes nonetheless.

In My Joi Fall’s Spotted Neutral: Leopard Print | Take One I am happy to report that we finally experienced a cool down, and even a cloudy morning or two!!! =) Doesn’t sound like much to be happy about, huh? It may sound strange, but the best thing about the semi-cool down was that I got to play with my fall wardrobe! Yes ma’am, I promptly set about choosing which cool weather items I would wear first. Can you guess what won out?

"Amazon? Yes, I want to reschedule a delivery, I’m afraid I won’t be home on the 25th like expected. Excuse me? I don’t have to call the Help Center for this, I can change this directly in “My Orders” section next time? Yeah, yeah, I know, thank you, but I’ve only got two hands and they are both *really* busy right now, so it’s more convenient for me to do this on the phone, believe me. No, Ma’am, I’m not “some sort of pervert”. By “having my two hands busy” that’s not what I meant, I…