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Erkunde Farne, Farne Moos und noch mehr!

Adiantum_pedatum - Zwergfarn - Minifarn

Ferns on oaks in Savannah

Auch Fan vom Farn? Dann werden dich die 60cm langen Blätter zum Groupie auf dem Balkon machen, denn dort performt er am liebsten.

Polystichum setiferum 'Plumosum Densum' - Flaumfeder-Filigranfarn gai 4,1

Ferns... Mine sure as heck dont grow like this... Heck, mine dont grow! I have seen them like this thou!

Shade Gardening for Zone 7 Plants - Partial Shade & Full Shade | Native Hawaiian Fern- Amau | The new fronds of this fern called Amau in Hawaiian come out this beautiful red and bright green color. In nature this is to protect new shoots from the harsh sun as red can handle the full sun. I went up into the cloud forest on Hualalai Volcano to find these ferns today and they were definitely in the clouds around the 5-6,000 ft elev.