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Streetart: “Take The Stairs” – Beautifully decorated and painted Steps (8 Pictures) > Design und so, Film-/ Fotokunst, Paintings, Streetstyle, Travel, urban art > public art, railways, stairs, steps, streetart - mittelalterliche gewandungen

Ost-BERLIN bis 1990, Geisterbahnhöfe unter der Stadt. Sie lagen immer im Halbdunkel und die Züge hielten nicht, wenn sie von West-Berlin nach West-Berlin dort vorbei kamen. Allerdings konnte man es mit geschlossenen Augen riechen: Putzmittel und der Geruch der Trabbi-Auspuffgase

Fresh from award winning photographer and first time author Declan Travis, 'Barred Life: Summers with the Owls of Whidbey Island' delivers a breathtaking view of the beautiful and controversial owl species Strix varia. Although far from rare and increasingly visible in public spaces, this look at barred owls is remarkable for the intimacy, boldness, and charm of its images. Along with unique access to adorable young fledglings, Travis fills the book with a vibrant and colorful sense...

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Nina Leen, GERMANY – 1950: Frau & Herr Fritz Kehl dining on terrace of their bombed-out villa.

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