Erkunde Schweinefleisch, Kommt und noch mehr!

Kommt Man(n) wegen Schweinefleisch in die Hölle?

Thank you Lord for my children! I do believe they are my greatest blessings!

Man kann in der US-Politik betrügen, morden und lügen so viel man will, doch ein paar uralte anzügliche Kamellen Donald Trumps sorgen für einen künstlichen Eklat. Eine bigotte Gesellschaft. Von Marco Maier In Sachen Bigotterie und Prüderie

Bibel Hosea Verfilmung

The first step towards a life of happiness is to remain open to the guidance you receive from within.

To use the right skills in the right circumstances, we need to sharpen our skills and know exactly which ones are useful in which kinds of situations.

When you look back over the years at the end of your life, what do you think will have stayed with you as your most authentic source of joy? It is the sense of fulfillment that will come from all the hard work you have done.

To walk on the path to cultivation is to place the Truths at the center of your learning. Surround them with the legacies of humankind; our inventions, discoveries and innovations.

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