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✯ Sulfur on Aragonite: Italy. This stone represents the power of protection, willpower and healing energy. Repels garden bugs. Sulfur helps repair injured joints, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue.✯

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themagicfarawayttree: Malachite with Chrysocolla... - logangaiarpg

themagicfarawayttree: Malachite with Chrysocolla - partially polished Stalactite / Congo

Malachite - Known as "The Stone of Transformation" assisting one in changing situations by transfer of sacred messages to spiritual evolution. Clears & activates chakras into balance to create an un abstracted path leading to a desired goal. Facilitates rise of spirituality & the enhancement of psychic abilities. Protects against radiation & is used in treatment of swollen joints, tumors, growths, broken bones & torn muscles.

Tanzanite Crystal, The "Deep Blue" in hand (. 8 cm, 970 cts)

Rhodochrosite cab! Silverhawk's designer gemstones.