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Erkunde Blue Hawaii, Projekte und noch mehr!

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Mr. Potato Head Blue Hawaii Tribute to Elvis

...can't help falling in love..loved that song!

April 1961: This picture totally illustrates his unfortunate movie career. I especially love the fake rock that's holding the surfboard. The whole thing exemplifies his Hollywood years. This was a Paramount [Studios] giveaway -- they sent out 8x10 color positives to the newspapers, which is very unusual.

Elvis Presley Genuine Suede Womens Moccasins: Blue Suede Shoes

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Blue Hawaii – Spanking In the Movies

Jenny Maxwell, the girl that Elvis spanked in the movie ‘Blue Hawaii.’ Ms Maxwell talked about how much the spanking hurt… how her bottom was wet (from having just been in the ocean)… how much Elvis seemed to enjoy giving it. She always spoke fondly of her REAL spanking though.

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