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Make custom concrete curbing yourself and save. Our custom troweling tool and expert instructions allow you to curb it yourself and save a ton of money. Easy to use and better than traditional do it yourself landscape boarders and edges. Your own custom curbs are as good as the pros, for a lot less money. Professional curbing can cost thousands of dollars Pavers and plastic edging dont hold up, bricks and precast boarders fall over and grass grows through it. CURB IT YOURSELF is the best…

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Maybe something like this Stegmeier Paver Drain off to the right side of the driveway? or under the "dry creek bed" of the garden?

a pallet playhouse tiny recycled diy shack fort side of house with clematis or climbing vine going up. Arbor

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Front yard landscape project

empty plastic bottle stuffed with plastic bags, sandwiched between chicken wire and them cemented in concrete. The ultimate in recycling & making something from almost nothing. A peace corp worker came up with this idea to build a school, Just genius.

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