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Erkunde Fuehrer, Graf And und noch mehr!

A lugubrious looking Fuehrer in 1933, flanked by Roehm, Goering, Graf and Streicher. (via putschgirl)


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Hitler digging the first shovelful of earth at the ceremony for the Reichsautobahn, Frankfurt, Germany, 1933

The reichstag fire, Berlin, 27 February 1933

Hitler in a meeting with his leading generals and admirals on 3 February 1933

The "shadow" of a Hiroshima victim, permanently etched into stone steps, after the 1945 atomic bomb.

Thousands of German soldiers listening to a speech by Adolph Hitler, mid 1930s Nuremberg.

(via People sit on the curb amongst the confetti, tickertape and paper from the parade celebrating the end of WWII in NYC on VJ Day. August ...

A dark part of history: Hell's Gate - Main entrance into Auschwitz ll concentration camp - Poland <3