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#PLL 6x10 "Game Over, Charles" - Super creepy

the second one is the best photo of a group i have ever seen

#PLL6x10 "Game Over, Charles"

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Pretty Little Liars: Season Six Answers So Far

I feel this one. But Charles was Jessica's son. They took in Bethany and Charles accepted and loved her as a sister. Then she was taken away... It broke gmhis heart and he couldn't accept new baby Ali. Charles and Bethany always wanted to be together (as siblings) and were always pushed apart. (Hence the lyrics of the lyrics of the creepy vault song, which is supposedly a huge clue).

Charles + Mom ? This must have been so confusing for this kid

PLL - the evolution of charles dilaurentis

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Pretty Little Liars on

Mrs D faked Charles' suicide, gave him a new identity to start over. Bethany missed him terribly. That's why her drawings become so dark, she hates mrs D for lying and taking Charles away from her.