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Erkunde Heinkel 51, Planes Flugzeuge und noch mehr!

A shot of a Blohm & Voss BV 138 - Hemnesfjorden - Early May 1940 These planes served the Luftwaffe’s mainstay long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft, and where often used to bring in supplies and deliver mail to and from.  It was noted that this plane in specific: “Arrived safely and took our letters, but was shot to pieces by an English destroyer and sank just south of Finneidfjord.”

Messerschmitt Me 264 – “Amerika” Bomber, 1942 The Messerschmitt Me 264 was designed from the beginning as part of the “Amerika bomber” project. It’s goal was to be able to carry a small load to the United States but also to support U-boat operations far into the Atlantic.