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Mass rape: asylum Mob (9) kidnapped and raped unconscious German - she seriously injured | Vienna Horde partly recognized Iraqi refugees abducted the defenseless woman on the park bench away to rape her brutally together in an apartment What happened: The young woman from Lower Saxony visited her friend's Eve in Vienna, they just wanted to have a party omitted again, but everything turned out differently. Both consumed plenty of alcohol and then lost in the fray on the Schwedenplatz.

Leitfaden für den palästinensischen Wortschatz

That's really stupid... But i agree with the punching

Massenvergewaltigung Islam

Aug 18 'Refugees' in 'rape' of Idaho girl, 5, being 'protected'

It Begins… Muslims Demand Right to Turn University of Berlin into Mosque (VIDEO) Jim Hoft May 26th, 2016

Report: Three Syrian ?Refugees? Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho -- Furious residents accuse council of cover-up

Dear Lord I hope this is true and they are fighting back!! ! [INCREDIBLE VIDEOS] Thousands of Europeans Take to the Streets to Drive Out Islam:

Horrfiying: One victim, an 18-year-old named Michelle (pictured, in the square outside the main train station where she was attacked) described being surrounded by a group of 30 'angry' men who groped her and her friends then stole their belongings as they fled. Police officers said women had to run a 'gauntlet' to escape

Leftist Politician In Norway Gets Raped By Refugee, Begs For Him NOT To Be Deported! – BB4SP

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