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LifeSafer FC100 Ignition Interlock Device

Seems legit.... I will make that determination myself, thank you

20 Awesome Optical Illusions Using Typography

typographic optical illusion 03thomasquinn 20 Awesome Optical Illusions Using Typography

Optical Illusion Movie Posters

OPTICAL ILLUSION MOVIE POSTERS England-based graphic designer Rowan Stocks Moore has created a series of clever Disney posters. Many of the designs use optical illusions so that multiple images are shown and some are hidden.

Presumption of Innocence Click for more Funny Pictures -->

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Congratulations on getting your texting while driving charges reduced to a DUI.

The FBI Faked an Entire Field of Forensic Science

Pseudoscience in the Witness Box- The FBI faked an entire field of forensic science.

How Breathalyzers Work

Types of Devices: Intoxilyzer - How Breathalyzers Work. Intoxilyzer This device uses infrared (IR) spectroscopy, which identifies molecules ba­sed on the way they absorb IR light. Molecules are constantly vibrating, and these vibrations change when the molecules absorb IR light. The changes in vibration include the bending and stretching of various bonds. Each type of bond within a molecule absorbs IR at different wavelengths. So, to identify ethanol in a sample, you have to look at the…